As risk and compliance professionals, we understand your needs. Our suite of easily tailored products and services will provide you a fully comprehensive risk mitigation program:

RISQ Group’s Business Continuity Management (BCM) product R2C, provides your business with the tools you need to respond adequately and urgently to a crisis, whilst ensuring business as usual.

R2C was designed and implemented based on our extensive experience in business continuity management and development of business continuity programs. R2C utilises proven current technology in a scenario where communication, collaboration, redundancy, function and security is key.

R2C provides a foundation solution that supports and resolves common operational challenges experienced during a crisis, so your business can focus on conducting business, rather than just focusing on what to do next.

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Accurate intelligence is critical to making the right business decision. Our Business Intelligence offering has been designed to provide with you a level of confidence to minimise the risks associated with a variety of commercial transactions.

Our business intelligence services range from the basic necessity of compiling information from within the public domain to conducting in-depth discreet reputational investigative due diligence on entities and/or individuals. We will work with you to thoroughly understand your requirements, identify your key objectives and develop a customised solution to your business intelligence or due diligence needs.

When fraudulent or unethical behaviour impacts your business, our Investigations & Forensics team can assist you by conducting a professional investigation that can limit the damage caused by an incident, provide fast and effective resolutions and recommendations to reduce the chance of recurrence.

Our key investigative principles are objectivity, independence and timeliness, allowing you to demonstrate a commitment to key stakeholders by providing an unbiased outcome when fraud or unethical behaviour impacts your business.

Fraudulent and unethical behaviour impacts staff morale, your reputation and your bottom line. When it occurs, give your stakeholder’s confidence of recovery and minimise recurrence by ensuring that you conduct a thorough investigation and implement appropriate fraud prevention controls.

If you have recently experienced fraudulent or unethical behaviour in your business, or have concerns regarding breaches of policy or bullying and harassment, Contact Us to help determine your best course of action.

How can you be sure that your organisation’s risk framework is adequate to meet the needs of your operating environment?

As a leading risk management provider, RISQ Group can prepare an analysis of your organisation’s risk environment and help you implement programs to ensure you mitigate those risks in a cost-effective manner.

Our risk advisory solutions will allow you to create an understanding of your risks, develop an appropriate risk framework and generate certainty in your operating environment.

Our team of expert risk management professionals have extensive experience in delivering comprehensive risk solutions to large and small organisations across a range of industries.

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RISQ Group offers a variety of cost effective training designed to provide your team with interactive and engaging courses across a variety of compliance and risk areas.  Our training courses help you meet your regulatory requirements in the areas of:

  • Risk management and corporate governance
  • Crisis management
  • Security awareness
  • Fraud and corruption control
  • Compliance

Our training courses can be delivered online or as a face-to-face training session. Should a customised solution be required, we use a storyboard approach that allows you to familiarise yourself with the content, and request areas for customisation ensuring the training meets the specific needs of your business.

For further information on what courses might suit your needs, Contact RISQ Group today.

RISQ Group has been providing hotline solutions to clients in the APAC region since 2004. Our sophisticated and robust hotline service operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, allowing you to meet your compliance program needs and protect the reputation of your business.

The hotline provides your employees, contractors, suppliers and customers confidence that you value integrity and operate ethically. The ‘always on’ hotline provides your stakeholders with an avenue to report questionable activity, and allows you visibility to monitor minor trends before they become large scale incidents.

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